Designing Your Own Ad

Ad Specifications

    • Set your Document Size to the ad size. (i.e., a 3×4 ad’s Doc Size = 4.34″ x 4″)
    • Borders should be set to the INSIDE so they don’t get cut off when saving.
    • COLOR ADS: Convert Spot & PANTONE colors to CMYK.
    • BLACK & WHITE ADS: Should include ONLY Grayscale and/or Bitmap graphics/photos, not RGB or CMYK. Text should be White and/or (shades of) Black ONLY, not Rich Black (CMYK).
    • SAVE or EXPORT your ad as a PDF file as this yields the best quality print. DO NOT Print to PDF file! This will make your ad a letter-size document.
    • DO NOT include Crop or Registration Marks! They serve no purpose here.

Your PDF size should be equal to your ad size.

Column Sizes

    • 1 column =   1.38″ wide
    • 2 column =   2.86″ wide
    • 3 column =   4.34″ wide
    • 4 column =   5.82″ wide
    • 5 column =   7.30″ wide
    • 6 column =   8.78″ wide
    • 7 column =   10.25″ wide ( full page )
    • 14 column = 21.50″ wide ( double truck )
Vertical inches in .5″ increments Full Page height = 15.75″

File Types (in order of preference)

  • PDF File The best for complete ads only – Embed all fonts.
    Email for a PDF presets file for saving your files properly.
  • EPS File Good for graphics & complete ads – Turn fonts to outlines first.
  • JPG File Good for graphics & complete ads – 240-300 dpi; Grayscale for B&W ads, RGB or CMYK for color.
  • Native File Please DO NOT send us native formats such as Microsoft Publisher, Word, Power Point, Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. SAVE or EXPORT these files to a PDF or EPS file format.

Supplying Text & Graphics

  • Paste text into an email (preferred) or Attach a text file (Save document as Plain Text – .txt).
  • Attach photos & graphics (EPS, JPG, TIF) to email – do not embed them in a word processing file such as Pages, Publisher or Word.
  • Do not bring us a printout of your digital photos – the files that you printed them from are the graphics that will yield the best results. Please give us the electronic file, not a printout!


About Hyperlinks

Our Online Edition of the MSN ( allows for hyperlinking to your website and/or email address, by clicking on a site or address name. Certain rules apply in order for this to work:


  • The website name must have “www.” in front; email must contain the “@” symbol. Both must be text, not a graphic. You can make the “www.” at 15% width and the same color as the background (it’ll “disappear”).
  • SAVE or EXPORT the ad as a PDF file. Your links can be tested by viewing your PDF in Adobe Reader.

Electronic Media Submission Via Email

  • Complete ads, ready to print:
  • Info changes & initial sales person contact:
  • News & press releases:
  • Your Sales Rep, if known: (your-sales-rep’s-first-name) (i.e.,

Manual Media Submission

If you are bringing files to our office, please use one of these formats:
CD/DVD • USB Flash Drive • Multi Media Card (digital camera) • Portable HD

Any technical questions, please contact George Amaru: or (603) 352-5250